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Necrotic Ring Spot

This disease is a parasitic form of plant life called fungi. Fungi live in the soil, thatch and dead leaves all year round. These fungi feed of the grass by drawing valuable nutrients from it. Necrotic Ring Spot spreads throughout the lawn in the form of spores.

The disease can take the form of perfectly shaped rings of yellowed out grass with healthy grass growing within the ring.

As a result of its appearance, the disease is also referred to as frog-eye

As a result of its appearance, the disease is also referred to as “frog-eye”. Affected areas will also have a sunken appearance to them.

The disease first attacks very early in the season and becomes especially visible during warm weather.

Necrotic Ring Spot usually attacks sodded lawns but may also attack seeded lawns in both sun and shade.

The disease takes the form of a perfectly shaped yellowish ring

  • Necrotic Ring Spot is a very difficult disease to control.
  • Many different fungicides have been tried over the years with little to no results.
  • Certain organic products do improve the situation slowly.
  • Aeration in the spring and fall is helpful.
  • Different types of renovations to introduce resistant varieties can be helpful, however the grass types usually don’t match.

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