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Lawns across the country are infested with a troublesome foreign grass called Quackgrass, sometimes referred to as couch or twitch grass. It is often confused with Crabgrass. Quackgrass is a fieldgrass that is found in home lawns.

Quackgrass is a perennial (stays from season to season).

It can have roots as long as 20ft long.

A small amount of Quackgrass in a lawn usually blends in, however if the amounts are too high, non-selective controls (killing the entire area and starting over) may be necessary.


Quackgrass is faster growing, lighter green in color, and a much thicker blade than desirable lawn grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass.

Weak lawns are ideal sites for the invasion of unsightly Quackgrass.

Infrequent grass cutting and poor watering habits encourage Quackgrass invasion.

Quackgrass also thrives in undernourished, weak lawns and will quickly spread throughout the lawn.

Quackgrass reproduces most often by vigorous underground stems called rhizomes.

Few people are aware of Quackgrass invasion until desirable grasses such as Kentucky Bluegrass are crowded out.

Quackgrass gives the lawn a coarse uneven appearance.


A small amount of Quackgrass usually will not cause a problem, however, if areas of the lawn become unsightly, they would have to be selectively killed off and re-seeded in the early fall season. Please call us for assistance or recommendations.