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Our business relies on more than just a great product and great staff. We also rely on and support a variety of industry affiliates. Working together is one of the things that makes doing business in this area so wonderful. Thank you to all of our partners!

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Are you ready to elevate your curb appeal? DeVries Landscape is here to exceed your expectations with all your lawn and landscaping needs. Click below to get a free quote ASAP!


Main Service Areas

DeVries services the greater Grand Rapids area with the finest commercial and residential outdoor care. Service areas vary.

Contact us at 616-669-0500 for more information.

You came to our attention because you knocked on our door. Had it not been for that we would not have known of your company – one that is local and convenient. Your service and the quality of your care for our lawn has been outstanding. Thank you!



Turf Tip

Cutworm & Sod Webworm

Cutworms and Sod Webworms can cause much damage to your lawn. Learn the signs of an insect infestation and how to control infestations of these insects.